Sunday, January 20, 2008

Chelsea Michigan real estate agents

Now that it is a buyer's market (more homes for sale than buyers buying) it seems a lot of traditional real estate agents want to start working for buyers. And that is creating confusion, because in our area most real estate agents aren't able to be buyer's agents, only designated buyer's agents. But the real estate agents are often too confused to be able to even explain the difference. (In designated agency buyers must agree in advance to disloyalty from the company, anytime the company can sell you one of their own listings.)

There is one way to guarantee loyalty from a real estate agent, that is to use an Exclusive Buyer's Agent (EBA). Exclusive Buyer Agents and their companies never take listings and never represent a home seller. They only represent buyers like you.

Our office in Ann Arbor
is the largest Exclusive Buyer Agent company in the area and we would be happy to discuss your home buying needs and how we can help you. And, unlike other real estate companies, we can keep your situation confidential!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Great time to consider buying a Dexter Michigan home

I was out doing what buyer agent's do yesterday, showing homes and helping buyers critically evaluate the homes and their value.

I was through a couple homes in Dexter Michigan that had their asking prices reduced this week on January 3rd. And with the reductions two of them represent very good values and quality of living. (The third represents too much compromise in today's market, even though it it priced about 22% less than it would have been two or three years ago.

The drawback to these homes that you might miss as a buyer is the level of taxes in the village of Dexter.

On a $250,000 home the taxes could easily be $500 a month when you move in. That is a lot of money, particularly when you can buy a similar home in the townships on a larger lot and pay closer to $380 a month in taxes.

One other interesting thing I noticed. One of the homes was 7 years old and was already showing signs of "rust-jacking" on the front of the home. If this is not addressed it will do significant damage in the next couple years, and it just made it very obvious to me that the original purchaser didn't use a decent buyer's agent. Because a buyer's agent would have made sure the builder fixed it before the buyer went to closing!

(Note: If you are working with a real estate agent who doesn't know what rust-jacking is, you are probably not getting what you are paying for. Call our office if you want to speak to a real buyer's agent. 734-662-6240)