Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Buy A Foreclosure Class Tuesday Night

Next Tuesday after the holiday we will again be having our "How to Buy a Foreclosure" class.

This is a fast moving, nuts and bolts type class where we discuss what foreclosures are legally, the foreclosure time-line, foreclosure dangers, and the opportunities. We give real local examples from Washtenaw county and right here in Chelsea

The class is actually free, but seating and materials are limited so we require you to have confirmed reservations.

To reserve your seats you can email classes @ (without the spaces) or call and leave a message at 734-223-9831. You need to leave your name, the number of seats you need to reserve, and a phone number where we can call you back with confirmation. (If you email your reservation you can leave an email for the confirmation.)

We hope to see you there!